IK Ogbonna Fights Alex Ekubo for Removing His Male Wig (VIDEO)

IK Ogbonna Fights Alex Ekubo for Removing His Male Wig (VIDEO)

IK Ogbonna joins the likes of Mr P (Psqaure), Kcee, E-Money and other celebrities that are rocking the Male Wig.

Ogbonna took to his Instagram page to narrate an experience he had with the wig. According to him, the wig became stained after he took it off, he then prayed that whosoever doesn’t want him rocking the look will not prosper.

Ik Ogbonna got much criticism from fans and Friends and close Pal Alex Ekubo.


He wrote;

“Devil is a liar  So I rested my brand new hair on the wall and next thing it turned white …. no weapon fashioned against this hair shall prosper 🙏🏼

Reacting to this, his friend and colleague, Alexx Ekubo, who’s one of those who doesn’t want him rocking the look, wrote,

“That’s because the gods are angry, you are not meant to have hair on your head, it is a taboo, have u ever seen a garden in the middle of a desert??? IK the gods are angry remove that sponge on your head before its too late. Embrace your inner Alopecia #BringBackMyBaldIK”

“iam_kcee WhatsApp group admin, advice your member on the do’s & don’t na. Can water touch it? Can he sleep with it on? Communicate na, make una communicate. Na everything I go tell una?”

Alex Tried Removing the Hair, but he was Chased to the streets by IK Ogbonna





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